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Insights as unique as the people you serve

With time-tested strategies, strong proprietary research, and a 34-year commitment to client service, Carlson Investments is uniquely positioned to tackle the complex challenges institutional investors face.

Our philosophy

Market inefficiencies driven by fear and greed create attractive opportunities for the disciplined investor. Our proprietary research process and active risk management has proven itself through many market cycles and transitions.


Research, relationships, results

Proprietary Research

  • Experienced team of portfolio managers use proprietary research to build high-quality, actively managed portfolios
  • Disciplined and repeatable process creates consistent results
  • Depth and scope of analysis spans “top-down” and “bottom-up” considerations

Solid Relationships

  • Clients first
  • Separately managed accounts and mandates
  • Continuity of team

Consistent Results

  • A 34+ year legacy of client satisfaction
  • Proven long-term upside/downside capture
  • A history of providing solid risk-adjusted returns

Research Process: Identifying “Best Ideas”


Top-Down Thematic Insight

  • Sourcing ideas from an experienced investment team
  • Identify themes and stocks that are out of favor and/or the headlines

Industry Factors:

  • Macro environment
  • Consolidation
  • Demand growth
  • Capacity constraints
  • New Regulation

Visualizing impact of fundamental change(s); revisiting what could go wrong.


Bottom-Up Thesis Analysis

  • Sustainable competitive advantages
  • Solid balance sheets (quality); rising earnings; growing market share
  • Attractive returns on capital
  • Free cash-flow generation
  • Growing Revenue, EPS
  • Industry-specific factors
  • Investment thesis differs from consensus


Portfolio Construction

Key Themes:

  • Silicon Carbide
  • Semiconductors
  • Digital Platforms
  • Energy

50—70 holdings actively managed

Thematic ideas, security selection, and risk management to drive long-term success.


Risk Management

  • Mandate compliance
  • Actively managed position sizing
  • Automatic review of stock thesis with a 15% price decline from cost
  • Sell discipline

Translating Research Insights into Alpha


Research Prioritization

250 stocks

  • Benchmark constituents
  • Thematic priorities
  • Ongoing monitoring of focus list
  • Earnings growth
  • Valuation opportunity
  • Catalyst recognition
  • Growth sustainability
  • Earnings surprise
  • Industry cycle
  • Product cycle


Fundamental Research

“Watch List” 100—120 stocks

Independent research conclusions company evaluation:

  • Fundamentals/catalysts
  • Financial strength
  • Management/competitors

Brand/intellectual property proprietary sector-specific analysis:

  • 2-year time horizon
  • Ample margin for error
  • Identify risk factor


Portfolio Construction

50—70 stocks

Differentiated insights

Active sector weight positions

Broad sector diversification

Trimming and adding to current positions as equally important to strategy as introducing or eliminating holdings

Risk management:

  • Specific rules to manage downside risk (e.g. position and sector limits)
  • Margin of safety
  • Sell discipline

Insightful Research, Long-Term Success

Proven Investment Process and Results

  • - Active management
  • - Disciplined portfolio construction
  • - Effective risk management demonstrated by upside/downside capture
  • - Consistency of returns
  • - Transparent process

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